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West Atlantic Company Import and Export realize all the management and follow-up of all imports operations. Provides prospecting services from qualified and reliable international suppliers with best prices to their needs take care of the logistical, customs, tax and all necessary documents for the importation, besides operating as its own importer, also operates through two import modalities recognized and regulated by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB).

We offer door-to-door services from overseas supplier to the final destination named by the customer. In both cases, it is necessary to enable the acquiring company in Siscomex (Integrated Foreign Trade System) and the connection with the qualification of the West Atlantic Company Import and Export in this system.


West Atlantic Company Import and Export carries out its own imports with the best suppliers of the most diverse products. It realize the entire foreign trade operation until the nationalized products are available for distribution in the internal market.

The advantage of own importation is due to the fact that all taxes, documentation and other import costs were previously absorbed by the company and guarantee the availability for distribution.

Import Under Order

Unlike Import by Behalf of Third Parties, in the form of Order, West Atlantic Company Import and Export (legal entity) is responsible for the procurement of goods abroad, which will be resold to a predetermined ordering party company. This operation should be carried out with funds from West Atlantic Company Import and Export and, therefore, is a contract signed between the company and the ordering party. In this modality contemplates the same tax effects of import by one’s own account.

Import By Order Behalf Of Third Parties

West Atlantic Company Import and Export (legal entity) carries on its behalf, all the customs clearance process of imports of goods purchased by your company, in addition to transport, storage etc. In this type of transaction, the purchaser shall advance the funds needed for the West Atlantic Company Import and Export and this, in turn, organizes the entire logistics project required for delivery of nationalized goods to the purchaser.

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West Atlantic Company in partnership with the best Latin America suppliers of pulp and paper.

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The best varieties and types of Brazilian sugar produced under the high quality management system

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