Since 2006, West Atlantic Company Import and Export bringing competence, efficiency and transparency in the provision of our international trade services; we have a combination of supply chain, logistics, commercial relationship and analytical expertise in Brazil and around the world.

West Atlantic Company Import and Export came from the Middle East and located the headquarter in São Paulo, the third largest city in the world and South America’s main economic center. Notwithstanding the company has been moved to Brazil, we still have an operating subsidiary in Dubai/United Arab Emirates. This subsidiary was created exclusively to be close to its customers in the Middle East and provide all possible assistance and services, qualified and registered subsidiary under number 19889 at the Sharjah/United Arab Emirates Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Our professional managers are enable and has a deep experience with many years working in all areas of the international trade. Our teams are qualified and constantly prepared with an integrated communication making the best practices in the management of import and export processes, trading management, offering a wide range of services, leading with total seriousness and security.

The company has competence and specific knowledge allow us to serve clients with a high degree of demand, as well as to monitor and control markets that require differentiated expertise.

Our mission is to always evolve with our customers, with our differentiated services, valuing the intercompany relationship and aiming at expanding the identity of our company globally.